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NFC Tag Encoding Software and Services


NFC tags need to be encoded, after all a tag without data is just not that exciting. There are several decisions that you need to make for an NFC encoding project. These decisions are influenced by how the NFC tags will be used, what you are looking to get out of the project and the quantity involved. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Encoding Types

The most common data formatting is NDEF; NDEF is an industry standard that defines how a piece of information (url, phone #, text, email€) is turned into the data that is encoded on the NFC tag. All major NFC phones and software applications support NDEF. Some specialized applications require a custom data format other than NDEF.

NFC Tag Encoding Service

If you need to encode a handful of NFC tags then your best option is an NFC enabled Android phone or a desktop application. However once your volume increases these methods become impractical; trust us, we know! This is where we can help. No matter the project size, BUYNFCTAGS.COM can handle your NFC encoding needs. We use GoToTags NFC Encoders to reliably encode NFC tags at high-speed. Our encoding service is +$0.05 /tag and can be added onto any NFC tag purchase on the website; just select the encoding option when adding the item to your cart. You will also need to supply the data to be encoding via our handy encoding template. It'€™s a simple Excel file that you fill out and upload when adding the item to your cart.

Download the NFC tag encoding template.

NFC Tag Encoders

Are you an NFC tag converter that needs to encode a large volume of NFC tags yourself? Or do you need an NFC tag encoding system that you can tie into your existing software systems? If so we offer GoToTags Encoders for sale. These are industrial grade hardware & software solutions meant for serious NFC encoding projects. For more information see the GoToTags Encoders documentation page.